Why buy a water heater over a boiler?

Water Heater or Boiler? That is the question…if you have recently moved or are thinking of switching energy providers, this is probably a more pressing question to you. What are the main differences between the two and which one is going to better suit your home, and most importantly…your budget. Many people automatically assume boilers are the most cost efficient option- but we are challenging that theory. If you look at costs over a long term period (and this will vary from person to pe

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Nest Products now available! Spotlight on Thermostats

  Flame Heating is constantly expanding their range of products to bring you the latest innovations of the heating world- not to mention improvements in the quality of products available. The Nest range of products is the latest to be added to their Heating Controls offering. Nest are a brand who, unlike the standard Thermostat providers, believe that everything inside your home should be nice to look at and more practical that we have currently come to accept. In their own words

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Central Heating Systems Explained

Introduction Something that we use every single day is a heated system of some kind, whether it’s the hot water tap, a combi boiler, a shower and so on… But have you ever wondered how they work? What to do if they break? Would you just call someone up? A basic understanding of the most common Central Heating Systems could save you money in the long run. If you think heating systems aren’t that interesting check out our top five things you (probably) didn’t know about central heating.

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MD John Savage receives Emerging Talent award at North East Entrepreneurial Awards 2016

From Warehouse Apprentice to North East Entrepreneur, Managing Director John Savage recently celebrated winning one of the most prestigious awards at this year’s North East Entrepreneurial Awards. John has been recognised for his outstanding potential and for the expeditious growth of Flame Heating Spares. (more…)

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