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Nest Thermostats

Flame Heating Spares is proud to stock a range of Nest thermostats, giving you greater control of how your home is heated.

Globally, homeowners have saved more than 8 billion kWh of energy since 2011 by using Nest thermostats. With Nest installed in your home, you can enjoy the energy savings too.

Nest learning thermostats understand your heating habits, such as the temperature you like, how well your home heats and it even turns itself down when you’re not home. It takes around a week for Nest to understand your behaviour before it will automatically adjust your home’s heating based on your preferences.

The thermostats not only give you better control of your heating, but you can also monitor hot water temperature and view how much energy you’ve used each day, all from the handy Nest app.

We have Nest thermostats in a variety of finishes to complement any interior décor, from simple white to sleek black and stainless steel or cool copper. We also stock a Nest thermostat stand, perfect for use on shelves and flat surfaces.

Order your Nest thermostat and stand online with us today and enjoy free delivery when you spend over £100.

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